In 1986, I, James Clement, was just becoming a fan of Professional wresting.  I eventually founded my own Back Yard Wrestling Organization, long before it was cool in the late 90’s and early 200’s.  It was called the UAW.  Some of the very first Championship 
belts I ever build where during the years the UAW existed.  They where made from cardboard mostly with magic marker for coloring.

1990 – 1993:  I worked on the INDY circuit under the name, Thrasher, and later The Fashion Master Killer Ciaso.  As the Fashion Master, I eventually won my first title, the Southern Junior Championship.  What I saw on the INDY market though in terms of belts in those days was very disturbing to me.  For the most part, all we had was square plates attached to weight training belts with some simple engraved wording.  It was mega-bad, thematically speaking.

1998:  I was in the process of founding my own INDY wrestling organization, called UAWF.  It was a throw back to my backyard Federation, except I didn’twant any crap from any Auto Unions over the name, and hence, UAWF rather than UAW.  It was for the UAWF that the first TABC Belt was created.  It turned out so nicely, my Dad suggested I make a bid at selling them.  That very belt is pictured to the side.

1999:  I teamed with the website, The Back Yard Wrestling Link and TABC Belts was born.  The early goals of TABC where clear, to provide a quality looking belt at a price anyone could afford.  GEN 1 was treated more as a craft project in terms of how they where constructed, but the booming Back Yard crowd of the day fueled TABC for the next couple of years.  Through the time GEN 1 was produced, real INDY organizations flirted with TABC from time to time, but GEN 1 was never really designed with the needs of those organizations in mind.  They where targeted at the Back Yarders, and TABC became the leading provider of good looking Championship Belts to that crowd.  

2002:  GEN 2 was the first upgrade for TABC Belts.  It was very nice and was getting some positive reviews now from INDY organizations who where buying them now.  The transition was beginning for TABC, I just did not yet realize it.  Back Yard Wrestling was falling out of mainstream again and my customer base was slowly beginning to shift.  Unfortunately for GEN2, I ran into some serious issues getting my hands on the supplies I used to build them.  GEN 2 was relatively short lived, but non the less, a valid part of the history of TABC.  

2003:  GEN 3 was the replacement for GEN2.  It was actually the first TABC Belt to be constructed of Solid Metal, but the metal was very thin, only about 2 mm.  The details where engraved into the plates.  GEN 3 was an equally popular brand for TABC.

2007 to 2009:  I had been forced to stop making belts for about 9 months but was moving back towards it though.  Being that I had been out for a bit, I decided it was important to come back with something new and special.  GEN 4 was born.  GEN 4 was the first one piece plate I had done which offered detailing that popped right out of the plate at you, just like you see on the belts on television.  There was a trade off though.  I was forced to use high strength poly resins, or plastics to create this effect.  GEN 4 was, and still is a poplar brand, but did meet with some criticism from the INDY market overthe plastics being used.  Ironically, it was only during this time that it finally occurred to me that the shift was complete.  I was no longer dealing with the old Back Yard crowd at all, and now I was dealing with the real deal. The final two GEN 4 fotmat belts where completed on November 29, 2009, officially bringing the end to the brand.

2008:  Upon realizing my audience for belts had indeed shifted, I wanted to be able to once again offer a solid metal belt to everyone, however, this process proofed elusive to say the least.  GEN 5 was the initial attempt at answering this issue.  GEN 5 basically took the principles of GEN 3, and combined them with elements of GEN 4.  GEN 5 is the shortest and least popular brand TABC did.

2009 to 2013:  GEN 5 was replaced with GEN 6, and in addition, GEN 6 formatted belts saw a bold new look for all TABC designs.  

X BELTS: With the all new X Belt, TABC enters the world of industry standard championship belts.

2013 to Present:   Part of doing a thing is figuring out how to do a thing.  The introduction of the DELUXE Metal belt also opened the door for a new version of out $170 price range series.  The belt plates for this 3 plate starter are basically done the same way as the DELUXE, just at a slightly smaller scale.  That being said, as of March 2013, we are phasing out the GEN 6 format in favor of these new metal plate championship starter belts. Additionally, we began working on our new product, the Revolution Rope.  Click the button below to check those out.

Championship Belts are the new trophy or award to be given in whatever circumstances.  Whether it be a beer pong Championship belt, fantasy football Championship belt, karate Championship belt, wrestling Championship belt, boxing Championship belt, or just a general award in the form of a title belt, TABC Belts is your source. ALL IMAGES CONTAINED WITHIN THIS WEB SITE ARE THE COPYRIGHTED PROPERTY OF JAMES T CLEMENT.  NO UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION IS ALLOWED BY LAW.  TABC AND JAMES T CLEMENT RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE AT OUR DISCRESION.  All sales are final.
The original GEN 1 Main Plate E.
Gen 2
Gen 3
Gen 2
The Original TABC Belt
Gen 4
Gen 5
Gen 6
3 plate starter and DELUXE series.