Championship Belts are the new trophy or award to be given in whatever circumstances.  Whether it be a beer pong Championship belt, fantasy football Championship belt, karate Championship belt, wrestling Championship belt, boxing Championship belt, or just a general award in the form of a title belt, TABC Belts is your source. ALL IMAGES CONTAINED WITHIN THIS WEB SITE ARE THE COPYRIGHTED PROPERTY OF JAMES T CLEMENT.  NO UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION IS ALLOWED BY LAW.  TABC AND JAMES T CLEMENT RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE AT OUR DISCRESION.  All sales are final.
Please bare with us, we are re-working this page of our website.
TABCBELTS is very happy to provide the widest variety of options to meet in the middle any budget.  Please feel free to look around and send me an email with any questions.
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The 3 plate Starter, a great place to start.  It is the exact same as the DELUXE, except scaled down a bit to make it possible to offer them at this price.  Click on the Starter LOGO above to see further examples.  Extras for this format is available from the Starter page.
The DELUXE belt is the next step up.  Nothing is scaled down.  The DELUXE format comes standard with the main plate ofcourse, but 4 side plates, rather than the starters standard 2.  The DELUXE also features an End Tip. Click on the DELUXE LOGO above to see further examples.  
The XL Belt is the newest format in the TABC family.  It is a 3 plate scaled down version of the full on X BELT.  The metal the plates are made with are 2mm thick, rather than 4mm.  Click on the LX Belt logo to learn more and see options.
The X Belt is the industry standard format from the TABC family.  If you are in need of the style belt you see in WWE or UFC, this is that format.  Click on the X Belt logo above to learn more and see options.