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This page is the home of the all new XL Belt from TABC Belts.  
TABC has always strived to provide to our customers that which they wanted. A few years ago, TABC began offering our X Belt format, however, due to the cost of making these belts, we found that we did not feel as if we where living up to our name as The Alternative Belt Choice. Our business model has always been to make great championship belts available to everyone. So, the X Belt is still there for those of you who want it, but now, we are offering the all new XL Belt. The difference between the regular X Belt and the new XL Belt, the metal we use in the etching process is 2mm thick. Outside of that, they are fantastic championship belts now available to a wider audience.​  And the best part, there is a flat price on all XL Belts, no matter if they are gold or silver.

$450.00 usd 

XL Belt Q and A:
What are the belts made of?
A: The plates themselves are 2 mm thick metal (zinc specifically), plated in Brass (gold) or Nickel (silver). The straps are the same rawhide we use on our starter and DELUXE format belts.
How long do XL Belts take to get back after ordered?
A: After the art layout is approved, 8 to 12 weeks, but, we are working to shorten that.  However, the production of an XL BELT is a highly involved procees, so there are absolutally no rush orders available on these.
What is the shipping fee for an XL BELT?
A:  Free shipping within the USA. (Please contact us for International Shipping.).  
How much are they?
A:  $450.00 usd
Can I get any combination of TABC's Stock Plates in XL Belt format?
A:  Yes
Can I have a custom design NOT among the TABC Stock Plates?  
A:  Yes, but there is a $60 art set up fee.  This will also ad to the turn over time due to the layout having to be made from scratch, however, your design would only be used for your belt, so in that sense, you would have a one of a kind.
Is hand tooling on the strap included?
A:  No, but can be added as an extra.
Is the XL BELT available as a duel or triple stacked set up.
A:  Not.  That would defeat the purpose of trying to keep the price down.

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ATTENTION:  The XL Belt is the 2mm version of our popular X BELT.  The idea is to be able to offer the etched metal style industry standard belts, but to a wider audience.

The XL Belt comes ready to wear with the main plate and 2 total side plates all on a raw hide leather strap.
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