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This page is the home of the all new X Belt from TABC Belts.  
The X Belt format is the type belt which you see the championship belts on television made from. They are mirror reflective plated, 4mm thick solid metal. The X Belt can be made using any of our existing templates here at TABC, or, a custom plate you design. For those who only the best will do, TABC now has an answer to that, the all new X Belt.

The X Belt has several options available. For the purposes of this dialog, we will refer to Nickel as Silver and Brass as Gold.

Options include silver or gold plating.  We also offer organization specific side plates, we refer to these as Logo Plates. We also offer End Tips in Gold or Silver, which are standard with the package.

Finally, we use rawhide leather straps, very good quality and hand-tooled with our rubberized and textured backing. Replica Belts are also finally available from TABC, just email us about this. There are license and usage fees for these replica orders.

No matter your belt needs, TABC has an option for all budgets and uses.

X Belt Q and A:
What are the belts made of?
A: The plates themselves are 4mm thick metal (zinc specifically), plated to a mirror reflection in Brass (gold) or Nickel (silver). The straps are rawhide leather, approx the same thickness as the plates.
How long do X Belts take to get back after ordered?
A: After the art layout is approved, 8 to 12 weeks, but, we are working to shorten that.  However, the production of an X BELT is a highly involved procees, so there are absolutally no rush orders available on X BELTS.
What is the shipping fee for an X BELT?
A:  Yes, for the X Belts.  $40.00 shipping fee within the USA.  (Please contact us for International Shipping.)
How much are they?
A:  Please see the X Belt Pricing page by clicking its button below.:  
Can I get any combination of TABC's Stock Plates in X Belt format?
A:  Yes
Can I have a custom design NOT among the TABC Stock Plates?  
A:  Yes, but there is a $60 art set up fee.  This will also ad to the turn over time due to the layout having to be made from scratch, however, your design would only be used for your belt, so in that sense, you would have a one of a kind.
How much does an X BELT weigh?
A:  Varies on desing.  Of those we have made, 5 to 8 pounds seems to be the average.
Is there a 3 plate X BELT available?
A: No
Is hand tooling on the strap included?
A:  Yes.  The X BELT is our industry standard format, and hand tooling the leather is part of that standard.
Is the X BELT available as a duel or triple stacked set up.
A:  No.  We have not mastered that, nor has there really been any major demand for it in all honesty.

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ATTENTION:  If you represent a wrestling organization, this belt is the format you want!!! This is the professional standard for wrestling organizations and is the exact same thing sold by other belt makers, such as our friends over at top rope and Reggie!!!  This format is the one you asked for.  All other organizations are also welcome to order X Belts.  
The X Belt is temporarily not available