Championship Belts are the new trophy or award to be given in whatever circumstances.  Whether it be a beer pong Championship belt, fantasy football Championship belt, karate Championship belt, wrestling Championship belt, boxing Championship belt, or just a general award in the form of a title belt, TABC Belts is your source. ALL IMAGES CONTAINED WITHIN THIS WEB SITE ARE THE COPYRIGHTED PROPERTY OF JAMES T CLEMENT.  NO UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION IS ALLOWED BY LAW.  TABC AND JAMES T CLEMENT RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE AT OUR DISCRESION.  All sales are final.
The Mid Level (DELUXE) $250 usd
The fully loaded DELUXE.  

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The 3 Plate Metal Starter $170 usd  The 3 Plate Metal Starter is the little Brother of the DELUXE Metal. Click the Starter metal button below to read more about the 3 plate Starter Metal.
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XL BELT  $450 usd  ((NEW))
TABC has always strived to provide to our customers that which they wanted. We are offering the all new XL Belt. The difference between the regular X Belt and the new XL Belt, the metal we use in the etching process is 2mm thick. Outside of that, they are fantastic championship belts now available to a wider audience.​  And the best part, there is a flat price on all XL Belts, no matter if they are gold or silver.

This particular belt is a Pre-designed belt. It is intended specifically for Fantasy Football organizations. We do not modify these and there are no extras available. This belt is a great design for Fantasy Football groups in need of a cost effective Championship Belt.

The 3 Plate Starter:  $99.00 plus $16 shipping usd

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