Championship Belts are the new trophy or award to be given in whatever circumstances.  Whether it be a beer pong Championship belt, fantasy football Championship belt, karate Championship belt, wrestling Championship belt, boxing Championship belt, or just a general award in the form of a title belt, TABC Belts is your source. ALL IMAGES CONTAINED WITHIN THIS WEB SITE ARE THE COPYRIGHTED PROPERTY OF JAMES T CLEMENT.  NO UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION IS ALLOWED BY LAW.  TABC AND JAMES T CLEMENT RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE AT OUR DISCRESION.  All sales are final.
The GEN 6 3 plater series is available using any of TABC's GEN 6 stock plates, which can be seen further down this page.T  he GEN 6 format can also be a custom design of your own.  please email us for details.
The GEN 6 has been around for a number of years, and has proved by far to be among the most popular choices for those seeking a quality starter belt for their organization.  The Starter series is not for everyone of course, which is why we offer our Metal series, as well as our Ring Usable X Belts.  However, this format has been a favorite for fantasy sports groups the world over.  Unlike the Metal Seires and the X BELT, the Gen 6 has a metal base plate underneath a layer of resin, which we chrome out and ad the details of the belt.  
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GEN 6 Main Plates:
GEN 6 Side Plates:
If you have previously purchased a GEN 6 Championship Belt, I am offering a special on upgrading your GEN 6 plates to the DELUXE Metal plates. Please email me for information.