Championship Belts are the new trophy or award to be given in whatever circumstances.  Whether it be a beer pong Championship belt, fantasy football Championship belt, karate Championship belt, wrestling Championship belt, boxing Championship belt, or just a general award in the form of a title belt, TABC Belts is your source. ALL IMAGES CONTAINED WITHIN THIS WEB SITE ARE THE COPYRIGHTED PROPERTY OF JAMES T CLEMENT.  NO UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION IS ALLOWED BY LAW.  TABC AND JAMES T CLEMENT RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE AT OUR DISCRETION.  All sales are final.
(Available for The starter and DELUXE)

The starter is not actually a very heavy belt, right around 3 pounds depending on your plate choices.  The extra weighting I can ad will bring it up 
though, giving it not only the look of solid metal it already has, but now the feel.
HAND TOOLED STRAP:   $70.00 USD (Available for The starter and DELUXE)

The designs will extend around the perimeter of the strap itself and also enclose the button snap area, which has its own detailing included,
 as seen in the photo. 

           <-----Click here to see the Hand Tooling!!!

NAME PLATE:  $10.00 USD per (Available for The starter and DELUXE and X BELT)

These plates are interchangeable if you have more than one, and feature the name or wording of your choice.

           <-----Click here to see a Name Plate!!!

NATIONAL FLAGS:  $10.00 USD for the set (Available for The starter and DELUXE and X Belt)

These sweet little plates go generally on either side of the Main plate, and ads a layer of color and character that is unmatched in the 
Belt world.  Can be a collection of 8 different flags of your choice.

​           <---- Click here to see a National Flag plates!!!                                                               

END TIP:  $10.00 USD  (Available for The starter. standard on DELUXE, different End Tip for X Belt)

An End Tip which comes as a standard part of the DELUXE package, but available as an ad on for the Starter.

           <-----Click here to see the End Tip!!!

STRAP BACKING: $30.00 USD  (Standard on an X BELT and available for the starter and DELUXE)

           <-----Click here to see the strap backing!!!

X BELT STRAP LEATHER: $100.00 USD (Standard on an X BELT and available for the starter and DELUXE)
I have actually received a ton a request for this extra.  Though the belt strap on the Starter and DELUXE are both made using rawhide leather, it is not as thick as the leather used for the X BELTS, so now, you can get your starter of DELUXE with that same leather we use on the X BELT strap.

          <-----Click here to see the approx.  rawhide leather comparison!!!!!!

PLEASE NOTE:  Most of the Extras listed here is for the starterThe Mid Level (DELUXE) belts.  All extras show what formats they are available for.  
Check out our newest custom belt format, the XL BELT.